Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Most popular genealogy sites

Genealogy in Time Magazine put out their list of top 100 most popular genealogy sites... they have Genealogy Trails at 54th, which is a little odd since we're ranked so much higher on other lists.  But it's nice to be noticed! 

Peruse the list at http://www.genealogyintime.com/NewsStories/2012/Q1/top%20100%20most%20popular%20genealogy%20websites%20page3.html


Anonymous said...

Over half of these sites listed I have never heard of before

Anonymous said...

Are all the other lists world wide? This one is. So I'd say #54 isn't all that bad!

genealogytrails.com said...

I wrote them and they said their list is more global than other lists like this... and many of these sites are not "U.S." sites.