Thursday, September 15, 2011

Looking for a Reason to Join Our Transcription Team?

Just in case you were looking for a good reason to join our Team of Transcribers, the recent experience of Ron Cruikshank, one of our Transcription Team Members, may help persuade you.
Ron was typing up a spreadsheet of Ohio World War 1 Soldiers when he noticed a surname which looked familiar.  Sure enough, Carl C. Courtney, Private from Donaville, turned out to be in his line... a 2nd cousin of his grandmothers'.    If he hadn't volunteered to give back to the genealogy world by helping us transcribe, there's no telling how much longer it would have taken him to find this 2nd cousin!
We can't guarantee you the same type of success that Ron had, but your chances are definitely improved the more data sources you have access to.  Who knows? Maybe we will be featuring YOUR success story here  :-)
Contact our Team Leader Linda Rodriguez at to join us!

[And look for the whole list of WW1 Soldiers to show up soon at our Ohio site.]

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